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On the 13th of January 2021, I lay in bed ready to take my life and fall back into addiction. Not for the first time either. All I kept saying to myself was “Please, please, someone or something help me”. The idea was born.

Why Choose Pleaze?

Whilst spending around 7 months in a psychiatric hospital in 2021 with 5 separate admissions, I came to realise how much people were in need of help. This is when I became committed to doing whatever it takes to even help that one person.

Our app is made by those who have first-hand experience with Mental Health and Addiction. We have identified what those who suffer need, and work together to find innovative solutions.

The Benefits of Using Pleaze

No More Suffering

Quickly and effectively alert your family, friends and loved ones you need help.

No More Searching

Find and request the answers you need on our news feed.

Take Back Control

Pleaze hub allows you to take your mental health or addiction in your owns hands.

Empower Yourself

Learn how to help those you love by completing our short courses and earn a badge!

How it Works

Discover the power of Pleaze. Begin your journey today and let people know you care!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pleaze is made by the people for the people. What we mean is, that this app is different because it is made by those who are suffering from issues with mental health and addiction. We feel like we truly know what we need in an app to help us.

Pleaze has been supported by psychiatric nurses, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social entrepreneurs, and everyone we know who suffers from mental health and addiction. Pleaze is important because people need this app to help them.

Yes! Pleaze is totally free to use.

Pleaze is only the start of something great that the world needs. We are dedicated to helping not only people with mental health and addiction. We have already started working on features for sexual abuse, heartbreak, grief and preventing relapse. Our vision is to be more than just an app.

For those suffering, reaching out for help can be extremely hard and painful. Even typing the words, I need help is difficult. It doesn’t always have to be for a response, at least someone knows how you are feeling. Most people also forget to check in on their friends or loved ones which is why the check in button is essential.

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