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Help Buttons

Originally, the Pleaze help buttons were the only feature of the app. Upon downloading the app the user creates a group or multiple with their friends, family or professionals. Once the user presses one of these buttons, there is a vibrating message(similar to an alarm) sent to the intended group while the user is brought to a breathing simulator to calm them. The group will also be notified once someone has responded.



Throughout my life, I quickly realised how much people didn’t know how to help me at all. The majority of people didn’t understand me either. The Pleaze app support resources is how we give the power back to the people. Instead of relying on existing services, we want to educate people on how they can help. We do this by giving Pleaze addiction and mental health prevention support badges which they can share on social media. The user must complete a quiz/test in order to obtain the badge.

News Feed

Throughout developing this app and refining features, I was in a terrible place mentally. Many times a day (countless in my lifetime),  I have spent hours searching online for answers and information. One of Pleaze’s features is a news feed. This news feed is for everything mental health and addiction, this could be videos, pictures, articles, stories. Your daily dose of hope, positivity and information. The user can also request information they would like to see.

Pleaze hub feature

Personal Hub

Help us help you, with the Pleaze help card. Users can edit information such as warning signs, triggers and many more. Use our guided journal to help you deal with the past, present and future. Customise your own coping toolbox and access a private chat for a safe place to talk.

Pleaze is available for all devices.

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